Dog Behavior Problems
Dog Behavior Problems
Behavior Counseling goes far beyond just training. While obedience training focuses on teaching the dog new commands, Behavior Counseling focuses on educating dog owners in understanding canine behavior and making lifelong changes in how we interact with our dogs to provide mental well being. A solution to your dog behavior problems exist with
Dog Behavior Counseling.

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Pack Structure: Understanding Our Dogs
Pack Structure is the natural order that dogs view the family hierarchy aka "pack". Pack Structure is established through how we live and interact with our dogs. It relies on learning how to be a proper role model for your dog. How to instill respect, confidence and trust in your relationship with your dog that will take away your dogs fear, excitement and/or anxiety of the world around him, which, left unaddressed, can manifest itself in a multitude of behavioral problems.

Pack Structure vs. Obedience Training
At K9CC, we believe that Pack Structure is 80% of the solution to most dog behavior problems. The remaining 20% of the solution to most dog behavior problems is found in obedience training. With that said, a basic education in our dog training theory and method is included with our Behavior Counseling program. More advanced training goals can be found in our full on-leash or off-leash private dog training programs.

Behavior Counseling Or A Full Dog Training Program?
The concepts presented in K9CC's Behavior Counseling are also presented in our dog training programs, which, is what lends to their tremendous success. Behavior Counseling is best for dog owners that are happy with their dog as is, except for a couple hair pulling problem behaviors or pack leadership issues.

Dog Behavior Problems
Dominant Aggressive Dog Behavior Problems
Dominant and Aggressive Dog Behavior!
Dominance and Aggression in our pet dogs is greatly misunderstood and often unintentionally created by the owners themselves through poor handling skill or lifestyle habits. We can show you how to properly manage your dogs aggression and achieve successful rehabilitation. I would highly recommend K9CC's full on-leash or off-leash Private Home Dog Training program when working with serious dominance or aggression. Training the owner is the most important part of behavior rehabilitation.