Code Of Ethics


WE WILL SERVE our customers with integrity, competence, and objectivity.

WE WILL DELIVER to our customer all that we promised through value-added services.

WE WILL PERFORM our work in a professional manner and to a high standard.

WE WILL EXPLORE each customers situation to sufficient detail and gather sufficient facts to gain an understanding of the problems, the scope of assistance needed, and the possible benefits our service and recommendations may provide our customer.

WE WILL RESPECT each customer and their dog and leave them satisfied with our service.


WE REGARD our employees satisfaction as important as customer service and company success. We believe in a win-win-win situation.

WE WILL FOSTER training for all our employees on an on-going basis to improve and uphold high performance standards.

Professional Responsibility

WE WILL PROVIDE training for which we are qualified by our experience and technical competence.

WE WILL MAKE quality service and customer satisfaction our trademark. If needed, we will offer additional lessons if the expectations of the training program are not met.

WE WILL STAND behind our work.

WE WILL NOT provide training to a customer under terms or conditions that might damage or compromise the integrity of our trade and profession.

WE WILL NOT advertise our services in a deceptive manner.

WE WILL MAINTAIN a wholly professional attitude and behavior toward those we serve, our competition, our own employees, and the public at large.


WE WILL AGREE with our customers independently and in advance on the basis of our fees. Our fees will be commensurate with the quality of our service we deliver and the responsibility we accept.

WE WILL MAKE it our moral imperative to maintain a profitable business as part of our responsibility to our employees and our families.

WE WILL BE MINDFUL of the honest value received by our customer and our right to an ethical profit.

Social Responsibility

WE WILL BE GOOD corporate citizens.